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Seamess Transition from Hospital to Home

At APEX, we understand the challenges of transitioning from a hospital or skilled nursing facility to your home. Our compassionate team specializes in providing personalized transitional care programs designed to support your recovery journey and empower you to thrive in your environment.

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Table of Contents


    Transitional Home Care SErvices in Chicago, IL

    Apex Health Services is renowned across the Chicagoland area for its transitional care program. We specialize in bridging the gap between hospital or skilled nursing facility and home, providing comprehensive support and care to ensure a seamless transition. Our dedicated team works closely with patients and families, addressing every aspect of post-discharge care for optimal recovery and well-being.

    • Referrals to home health, palliative care, home care, and more

    • Direct communication and visits with a registered nurse


    What Is Transitional Care?

    Transitional Care is a service designed to support patients in the crucial phase of moving from a nursing facility or hospital setting back to their home.

    At APEX Health Services, we specialize in assessing holistic medical and psychosocial needs. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to enhance patient independence and overall well-being. Here’s how we bridge the gap between different care systems:

    • Home Health Checks: Regular assessments at home to monitor the patient's health and ensure their environment supports recovery.

    • Medication Access: Managing and facilitating access to necessary medications, ensuring proper understanding and adherence.

    • Further Referrals: Coordinating with other healthcare providers for additional care or specialized services as needed.

    The overall goal of Transitional Care is to promote recovery, prevent rehospitalization, and improve health outcomes by providing targeted, patient-centered care at home.


    What Illnesses Qualify for Transitional Care?

    Ready to Get Started?


    What Are the Benefits of Transitional Home Care?

    Transitional home care offers numerous benefits for patients transitioning from a hospital or skilled nursing home setting to their home. These benefits are designed to ensure a smoother recovery, better health outcomes, and overall well-being.

    • Smooth Transition from Hospital to Home: Transitional care provides essential support during the critical period after hospital or facility discharge, helping patients adapt to being back in their home environment while still receiving necessary medical care.

    • Reduced Risk of Rehospitalization: By offering continued medical care and monitoring at home, transitional care can significantly reduce the chances of readmission to the hospital or nursing facility.

    • Proactive Health Monitoring: Regular health checks and monitoring can identify potential health issues early, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments in care plans.

    • Enhanced Communication with Healthcare Providers: Transitional care fosters improved communication between patients, their families, and their healthcare team, ensuring everyone is informed and involved in the care process.

    By focusing on these aspects, transitional home care not only aids in physical recovery but also supports the emotional and psychological well-being of patients, making it an invaluable component of post-hospitalization care.


    Navigating Our Process

    Referral and Consultation

    Your journey with APEX Health Services begins with a simple call or message. In this first step, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your unique care requirements, ask any questions you might have, and gain insights into the wide array of medical services we offer.

    Insurance and Benefits Verification

    Our team will work with your insurance provider to clarify coverage details. This process is vital to ensure you are fully aware of and comfortable with the financial aspects of your care plan.

    Personalized Plan of Care

    At APEX Health Services, we believe in care that is as unique as you are. Therefore, we develop a customized care plan that aligns precisely with your individual health needs and personal preferences.


    How Is Transitional Care Paid For?

    Transitional care is typically funded through a combination of Medicare and insurance coverage. APEX Health Services works closely with patients to verify insurance benefits and determine the extent of coverage. We ensure complete transparency in financial matters, providing patients and their families with a clear understanding of all costs involved in their transitional care plan.


    Elevate Patient Care with APEX

    At APEX, we go beyond non-medical home care. We specialize in transitional care, partnering with healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure smooth, safe, and successful transitions for your patients returning home.

    At APEX, We Collaborate With:

    • Primary Care Clinics/Physicians
    • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
    • Hospitals/Discharge Planners
    • Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
    • Independent Living Facilities (ILF)
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)
    • Memory Care Communities

    Benefits of APEX to Your Organization:

    • Reduced readmissions
    • Improved appointment compliance
    • Enhanced treatment continuity
    • Reduced patient deconditioning

    When Your Patient Is Referred to APEX, They Are Receiving:

    • Advanced standards of care
    • Personalized care plans
    • Efficient cost management
    • Disease management programs
    • Effective patient education
    • Thorough documentation
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    Trusted by Our Clients

    • Our Nurse, Amy, was wonderful, an angel to my mother and our family.  Our hospice team made a very difficult time in our lives, a little easier.

    • Steve was sent to my wife by god

    • Our Nurse, Amy, was wonderful, an angel to my mother and our family.  Our hospice team made a very difficultNari was godsend and simply amazing with my mothertime in our lives, a little easier.

    • Melody is the best nurse I have ever had, and I have had a lot throughout my illness.  We would not be alive today without her help when we had COVID.

    • I was alone at care for my husband at the end of his life and Yolanda did not hesitate to jump in and save the day. She took great care of him and is truly a life saver.

    • Our family felt incredibly supported by the entire APEX team

    • I was always supported by Dorina in the office, she is supportive, and I received adequate help every time I called, which was a lot. I never felt like a bother.

    • We are impressed by the communication and care our mutual patient received from APEX Palliative Care. Excellent collaborations…..

      Edward Elmhurst CHF Clinic

    • Your team was great! My entire family believed that APEX, especially Mary, pulled miracles on Friday evening when my mom was admitted.  Somehow your team was able to get a hospital bed, oxygen, a shower chair, and medications within hours.  This is a truly amazing service.  My mom was a mess this weekend and we could not have managed her care without the APEX team.  Sweglo Family


    Serving Families Throughout Illinois

    • Boone County

    • Cook County

    • DeKalb County

    • DuPage County

    • Grundy County

    • Kane County

    • Kankakee County

    • Kendall County

    • Lake County

    • LaSalle County

    • Lee County

    • Livingston County

    • McHenry County

    • Ogle County

    • Will County

    • Winnebago County

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    Have Questions?

    Whether you are a patient seeking care or a professional looking for a reliable healthcare partner, APEX Health Services is here to help. Contact us today to discover the APEX difference in transitional care.

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    Who qualifies for transitional care?

    Transitional care is typically designed for patients who have been discharged from a hospital or a nursing facility and need additional support as they return to their home environment. Eligibility often includes those recovering from surgery, serious illness, or managing chronic health conditions. APEX Health Services assesses each individual's specific situation to determine their suitability for the program.

    Are APEX Health Services caregivers screened and trained?

    Absolutely. APEX Health Services places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of its caregivers. Each caregiver undergoes thorough background checks and comprehensive training. This process ensures that they are not only skilled in various aspects of patient care but also align with our company's high standards of empathy, professionalism, and patient-focused service.