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Value Based Care


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    Across the U.S. Health Care is undergoing a tranformative move towards value based care. Focusing on improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health care service, rather than volume.

    Value Based Care is term that we hear more often as healthcare evolves, and one that we should all become familiar with. In accordance with Medicare, value =quality = patient experience and lower costs. The word “value” is most important factor, which stands for, “what does the patient value most”.

    Each individual anyone serves, medically or clinically, is unique and experiences improved health outcomes through personal centered care – APEX Home Health Transitional and Palliative Care. It forces, in a positive manner, healthcare providers to work together to address a person’s physical, mental, behavioral, and social needs.

    When any of APEX Health Services team members hears or becomes involved in a conversation regarding Value Based Care – our services are those they are seeking to positive outcomes….AHS can be the difference in value based care…we just have to share our services.

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