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Assisted Living Facilities Poised for Hospice Growth


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    More than 12% of Medicare beneficiary decedents in 2018 received hospice care in assisted living facilities, surpassing nursing homes or inpatient hospice centers by 40% during the period of 2013-2018. According to Shelley Cartwright, CEO of APEX Hospice and Palliative Care, building census in assisted living facilities should be a priority for hospices in 2021. The integration of hospice care into strategic planning by facility operators is becoming increasingly common, as evolving health care delivery and payment models aim to reduce costs by allowing patients to receive care in their homes. Cartwright emphasizes the unique value that hospice offers to assisted living residents, stating that it leads to improved length of stay and stability in the facility's census. To read more on this topic, refer to the article "Assisted Living Primed for Hospice Growth in 2021" by Holly Vossel

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